Everything You Wanted to Know About Tires for Cars

When purchasing car tires from a reputable tyre shop, you may have several questions. Are you buying the original equipment manufacturer (OE) brand? If so, you should know that these can be expensive. The OE brand is marked on a tire and paired with a specific vehicle model. To find out which OE tires your car requires, check out the website for the vehicle you own. Also, you should be aware that the code used to indicate the OE brand can differ between manufacturers.

All-season tires:

The most popular all-season tires for cars are those with a universal tread pattern. These tires are great for all seasons and are extremely inexpensive. All-season tires usually have increased groove depth and area to grip the road. The manufacturers of these tires also apply asymmetric tread patterns on the outer and inner sides of the tire. Internal-tread tires are designed for wet pavements, and external-tread patterns are ideal for dry roadbeds.

Low-rolling-resistance tires:

One of the benefits of low rolling resistance tires for cars is their fuel efficiency. Compared to conventional tires, these are up to 30% more fuel-efficient. Researchers found that drivers who switch to low-rolling-resistance tires save 3% on gas while driving in the same conditions. That may not sound like a lot, but adding up the fuel savings can add up to money.

Low-speed tires:

It is important to buy low-speed tires for your car to avoid accidents. These are suited for vehicles going less than 50mph. However, the speed rating of a tire cannot be taken as a guarantee of safety. This depends on many factors, including the road conditions, the temperature, and the car’s mechanical capacity. Additionally, a speed rating can be ineffective if a car is overloaded, underinflated, or worn down.

The speed rating is based on simulated loads and laboratory tests. A tire must show it can sustain a particular speed to get the rating. Industry standards govern the process of reaching a given speed. When purchasing low-speed tires for cars, make sure to check the rating of the tires before buying. This will give you a better idea of how much speed the tires can handle.

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