What Are The Different Types Of Raised Floors?

Raised floor systems are used to control airflow throughout the data center and help to reduce the intake air temperature of IT servers and other equipment. There are usually four types of raised floor panels that you can buy from raised access flooring manufacturers. These are made of cement, wood, steel, or aluminum cores and are usually two feet by two feet in size. They are compatible with a variety of flooring finishes. Value engineering can balance aesthetics, durability, and life cycle cost analysis to make the most economical choice.

Equipment cabinets with aisles:

A common way to maximize the space inside your equipment cabinets is to design the layout with aisles between them. Specifically, when putting together your equipment cabinet layout, you should leave about 1.5 feet of space between adjacent rows. This will allow for access to each side of the equipment and also to the rear.

The aisle containment system has several benefits. First of all, it helps prevent hot or cold air from mixing in a single aisle. In addition, it makes it easier to manage airflow. Aisle containment systems also have the advantage of being flexible and feature-rich. They also reduce operating costs.

Wood core panels:

Wood core panels are made of a composite wood core surrounded by a hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet. They provide outstanding rigidity, durability, and acoustic performance. They also feature a mechanically attached air seal gasket, eliminating 97% panel seam leakage. They can be ordered with a variety of factory-laminated finishes and are listed to safety standards.

Concrete filled panels:

Concrete-filled panels for raised floor applications are an efficient solution for high-load and traffic applications. The panels are lightweight and come in several forms, including perforated, vinyl, and electrolytic zinc-coated. They have excellent rigidity and durability. The panels are typically used in hi-tech environments.

Recycled polypropylene access floor panels:

Recycled polypropylene access floor panel systems offer a flexible and economical way to create a raised floor system. They are lightweight and are as strong as concrete-filled panels but are more environmentally friendly. The panels’ modular design allows them to be easily installed and reconfigured to meet a variety of needs. In addition, they can be designed to fit around obstructions while maintaining structural integrity.

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